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The Battle Belongs to God - Part 2

For I, the Lord, love justice; I hate robbery and wrongdoing. In my faithfulness I will reward my people and make an everlasting covenant with them.

Isaiah 61:8 (NIV)

The Bible says God is a just God. He will settle and solve the cases of his people (see Deuteronomy 32:4 NLT, Hebrews 10:30). This means, as we mentioned in the previous message, that we don't have to seek revenge on others. Because God is our vindicator.

If we entrust things to God and let him deal with it in his own way, he will restore everything we have lost. When we truly understand that we don't have to fix everything that happens to us or that we don't have to worry because God is fighting our battles, that's when we will walk confidently, happy, and full of energy; a smile on our faces and a song full of joy in our hearts.

So today let's ask God for the wisdom to leave all our battles in his hands. He works, even now, to deal with frustrating or hurtful situations in our lives.

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