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Types de Programme

Notre programme est basé sur trois aspects fondamentaux: l'Adoration, la Prédication et l'Enseignement.

Notre équipe est toujours disponible  pour répondre aux questions, pour aider spirituellement et bibliquement 

worship connect to God

Praise & Worship: David danced before the Lord. He hasn't felt any shame or embarrassment because for him it was more than anything he could do. As the Bible says, to him it was the best time to give glory to God, to show his gratitude and love to the God of glory for all the blessings bestowed upon him. David knew that without God he would not be where he is. His sin was forgiven, his kingship was established, his relationship with God was strengthened. Today his example should be for us, the model to follow when we look to the cross, knowing that it is there that God reconciled us to Him in His son Jesus Christ. So like David, let's sing and dance to give glory to God for His grace, His forgiveness on the cross, His salvation. We don't want to wait until tomorrow to worship Him and praise Him, we want to start today, and continue tomorrow and after tomorrow and forever.

Preach the word web

Preaching: If our responsibility is to be the Voice of Promogos Ministries to the whole world through of praise and worship music, we also have the obligation to proclaim the gospel of the grace of God, of salvation by faith, of the forgiveness of sin, repentance and sanctification to the lost and those seeking answers to many spiritual questions they might have. This is why in our daily programming, we have a series of messages dealing with any type of subject that can help listeners to know Jesus Christ better, to grow in faith and to walk in sanctification. We make sure that the messages used on our station do not affect the religious, moral and political views of our listeners so that all are edified. If the music leads to worship in order to bring glory to our God, the messages are intended for the edification. We have a team that is fully dedicated itself to work for the glory of God and the  building up of Saints.

Bible Study Icon

Bible Study: The teaching of the word is of great importance to the life of the church of Jesus Christ. It enables believers to know more about God, His will and His desire to save us from our sins and bring us to perfection. In addition to different messages we broadcast daily, our team also found it necessary to add audio versions of the Bible to the line, that would help our listeners to find a way for Bible reading. At Promogos, whether it is the radio station or any other ministry, we attach great importance to the edification and the spiritual development of church members, which without the proper theological and Bible training, and also the inspiration of the Holy Spirit would not be possible. We plan to have our ministers teaching live on Facebook and YouTube, people qualified and committed their life to the word of God. At Promogos Ministries the word is the foundation of our faith and of our life.

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