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If you are interested in supporting Promogos Radio or developing a partnership with us, please contact us via our email address: or

We accept all kinds of support or assistance, as long as it allows us to accomplish our purpose, that of giving praise to God through music, preaching, teaching and educating the people of God in all wisdom, to help them to walk in sanctification and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Three Ways to Partner With Promogos Radio:


The First is through prayer: We would be more than happy to have you praying and interceding for our ministry as prayer partner. For we need it more than ever to carry the glory of God, our Lord, throughout the world and to lead his people to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

The Second is through material donation and submission: By material donation, we mean to obtain any type of spiritual development document and equipment as defined below.

1-: Donation of audio equipment and / or broadcasting material.
2-: Donation of Bible, documents / books on believe
r's walk with Christ and spiritual growth.
3-: Technical support that can help our station to offer a better quality of service and to reach a larger public.

4-: Share our "Blog Content" on your website or media pages to help us reach as many people as possible.

5-: Provides music. If you are a producer, promoter, distributor, artist or you are legally authorized, you can share music or albums with us.

As one of the title mentioned below (5), if you feel deep down the desire to share your songs with us, whether in English, French or Creole, we will be delighted and honored to receive them. You can submit them anytime through our the "Submit Song" page or our email address Once approved they will be added into the 24/7 rotation of songs glorifying our God.

The Third and last, through financial support: If you feel that the Lord leads you to join us as a financial partner, to help our praise & worship ministry to its fulfillment. We have many projects and activities our team are working on to accomplish our mission. For financial support, you can go to the Donation page to setup the type that fits you best.

Why Partner With Us

We are men and women dedicated to accomplish the great commission that the Lord has commanded us. To achieve this, we use all tools and resources that God gives us. But we know we can't do it alone. This is why your partnership is very important to us and to our mission. Your support in any way will help us to continue to give glory to the Lord and lead his people throughout the world to enter into an attitude of worship in his presence and to be a fragrant sacrifice.

To build a partnership with us, you can contact us from the contact page of the website or directly:

Promogos Radio, Inc.

Attn: Partnership Coordinator

Description: Define the type of partnership you want to maintain with us [Ex: If it is for Donation, mention if it will be Financial Support or Physical Support like: Music Albums (CD's or Mp3)]; Bibles; Books; Financial.
Email: • 
Tel: + 1 (941) 275-2982

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