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Sermon On Demand

The sermons that we use for our preaching programs are mainly those preached at our Chuch by our different pastors. There may be times when we use sermons from pastors of other churches also who give us permission to use them on our station, but we do not add them to our OnDemand list. However, if as a listener you would like to listen to a specific sermon from another pastor that we have broadcast, we suggest that you go to our Request page, specifying the name of the pastor (if you have it), the topic and the date it has been aired.

However, we want to advise our listeners that these messages are not for sale and either there is no charged fee for playing them. They are posted here for SPIRITUAL purpose only, for the edification and the spiritual growth of our listeners.

Share your testimony with us and let us and pray for you.

If you have been edified and blessed through these messages and the Holy Spirit has whispered His call in your ear. If you feel the need to respond to His call immediately, do not hesitate to give us a call, a member of our team will be happy to guide you, answer all your questions and pray with you to lead you before the throne of God. Amen!!!

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