Welcome to the Station of Worship

Promogos Radio is a live praise and worship radio hosted by Promogos Ministries. 

We worship, we praise, we preach, we teach and we equip. It's our way of life.

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"The Voice of Promogos Ministries"

What we do is giving glory to God for His grace, His Love, His calling and for having equipped us to bring the good news of salvation and forgiveness to the ends of the earth through music and the preaching of the word, using the internet as a means to achieve this goal. The leaders of Promogos Ministries are concerned with training, teaching and equipping ministers of the gospel to reach out to those in their community who need Jesus. And we, of the radio, are committed ourselves to being their voice beyond walls and borders to reach the most hearts and souls for Christ.


If our ministry has been a blessing to you, please don't hesitate to share your testimony with us. Our mission is to serve and edify you through music and sermons.


For your edification and
your spiritual growth.


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TuneInZeno Media [1 (641) 793-9476]

I like the fact that the radio is purely praise and worship. When I listen to it, I can feel the desire and the anointing to worship God with an open heart without ceasing. The music are well selected, they give me the peace of mind that

I need for the day. I am truly blessed through it.


Promogos Radio has been a blessing to me. The songs elevate my spirit throughout my day. My favorite part of it is when I get to hear the word of God by different preachers and that’s something I don’t get from most of these Christian Radios. Promogos Radio is my Five Stars Radio!