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Become a Sustaining Donor


Thank you for considering a donation to support Promogos Radio LLC. It is a non-profit radio station sustained by donations from listeners and other supporters. Promogos Radio LLC is a full-time praise and worship radio station host by Promogos Ministries, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible.


We really appreciate your interest in supporting this non-profit "Praise-and-Worship-Centered" radio station. We are run by unpaid spirit-filled volunteers, but we still have real costs each month, like rent, utilities, website and social network management, licensing fees, insurance and necessary equipment and technology.


You have two donation methods that you can use to give:

You can either setting up a Recurring Monthly Donation or instead make a One-Time Donation .

One-Time Donation

This first option allows you to make a "One Time Donation" which will take the exact amount entered, and no other amount will be taken from your card.

Recuring Donation

This second option allows you to setup a "Recuring Donation" which will be an automatic monthly donation that will be taken from your card.

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