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Volunteer with us


If you have ever wanted to join an Evangelism-Oriented team and participate in large-scale evangelism programs and spiritual assistance activities, then we say welcome to you because Promogos Radio is not just a radio station broadcasting music and sermons, which any one can do these days. We are a ministry that goes beyond the four walls to reach as many souls as possible. Our mission is exactly what Christ gave us, to go and make disciples of all nations.

Our station has always been supported and run by volunteers, each doing the task that suits them best. We have different areas where you can support our team: Administration, Social Media and Website Management, Promotions, Public Relations, Funraisings, Music Compilation and Archiving, Program Production and Presentation.

Our door is open to those who are interested sharing the word with others, who want to go much further than the limit they have always imposed on themselves. All we require from everyone is team mindset, creativity, productivity, being teachable and supportive.


Promogos Radio has been a blessing to me. The songs elevate my spirit throughout my day. My favorite part of it is when I get to hear the word of God by different preachers and that’s something I don’t get from most of these Christian Radios.

Promogos Radio is my Five Stars Radio!


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