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Listen Live

We broadcast on different platforms using applications that are easy to install on cellphones and tablets, and very well known to everyone in order to reach as many listeners as possible. Just click on the application that best suits you to listen now or install the application on your device and search: Promogos Radio.



On the Website:

When you visit the website, you just have to click on the "PLAY" button at the bottom of the page then you can skip from page to page, you will stil be able to continue to listen your favorite Praise and Worship songs, it won't affect the broadcast  in any way.

On Platforms / Apps:

You can click on any platforms (Icon) below which will open a new page automatically to listen to the radio . You can also download the app of your choice on your phone or tablet and enter Promogos Radio. Some apps can be used only on your devices, like RadioFM. That's why we didn't add it the on the list (See Apps & Devices).

Platforms On Which You Can Listen To Us Live.

Apps & Devices

You can install one or all the apps above on your Smart Phone (Google Play) or Iphone (App Store) to fully enjoy the radio.

Call to Listen

We also provided a direct phone number for our listeners to hear the radio whenever they want to: +1 (641) 793-9476

Facebook Live

We also broadcast some of our shows live on our "www.facebook/promogosradio" page. See our schedules for live shows. 

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