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What About Us

Promogos Radio is a live praise and worship radio hosted by Promogos Ministries. 

Our program is focus on worship, praise, preaching, we teaching and to equip and helping people to grow in faith. It is the center of our mission. Thanks for sharing this experience with us.

About Promogos Radio


Promogos Radio is part of Promogos Ministries of which it is the voice to help Promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nation of the earth; beyond its walls, its community, its city, its province. Our primary mission is to bring God's people into sincere and deep fellowship with Him through worship and praise. That's why our daily programming is more musical because we all know and believe that praise and worship is the best way to give glory and honor to our God. So, as believers, called and sent by God to fulfill His mission, we have dedicated this radio station to this aspect of our ministry.

We have other activities such as spiritual accompaniment and the distribution of Bible study and spiritual development materials, to help those who want to grow in faith and in a perfect relationship with God.

The management and operational staff of Promogos Radio (including presenters) are made up of men and women of God who are anointed by the Holy Spirit. They have a desire to make a difference, to please the heart of God by their willingness to walk in obedience to his voice, to do his will, which is to spread the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and to build up his saints. Which we also encourage you to do for the glory of our Lord and Saviour.

How to Make the Difference ?

Promogos Radio is one of the interlocking Ministries of Promogos Ministries, each tending towards the same goal but with a different strategy: Turning hearts to God and walking in His ways. We are worshippers, disciple-makers, teachers of the word ministering to believers et non-believers for the glory of our Lord. We believe that just as the word can touch hearts, worship can also transform lives, bring repentance, conversion. It can also bring healing to the soul and shine light in the midst of darkness. If we can educate believers on the importance of true and sincere worship, if we can help them know how to use music that can carry us into this atmosphere, we can accomplish much more than what we have ever seen, for the Holy Spirit will use us with power to build the church of Jesus Christ into a whole new dimension.

Why This Ministry?

Many men and women (Christian Artists) have been inspired to write down the exact words and phrases of their worship song. For some, even the harmony, the rhythm, the tone were inspired by the Holy Spirit for the edification of the people of God. To lead him to worship God in spirit and in truth. However, even in worship services these songs do not have the effect and the spiritual impact that they should have on the people of God. They just sing without being guided by the Holy Spirit. It's like they're singing any other song. It is this attitude that today even worldly music occupies a prominent place in our worship services at church. The enemy takes advantage of this to pollute our assemblies, our times of consecration. We want to give praise & worship music its place in the hearts and lives of believers, as God has given us the mission, to help them return to the true worship as described in the Bible.


Our mission is to bring the church of Jesus Christ into true worship. An attitude that we have long since lost. Jesus said it so well: "There will come a day when we will worship God in spirit and in truth." We wholeheartedly believe that we are already living this day and the church needs to enter into this dimension of worship and develop this God-pleasing attitude.


Our vision is to create a community of worshipers, disciples, men and women filled with the spirit, having at heart the mission entrusted to us by Jesus Christ our savior to bring people together in worship on a regular basis, while will continue to teach, to serve the people of God by helping them to grow in the knowledge of the word and in the faith.


Differentiate between ministry for the glory of God and entertainment for the satisfaction of the world. We do not seek to please men but our Lord Jesus Christ who calls us to bring the good news of God's grace and eternal salvation to all nations. We aim for the following four points to accomplish our ministry: Love, Service, Humility and Unity

My wife and I

From our Hearts to Yours

My wife and I are truly blessed and thankful to God for inspiring us to open this praise and worship radio station for His glory and the edifying of His people. We hope that every broadcasted music and sermon will deeply touch your heart and soul. Our team is doing their best so that the Radio can contribute through its daily programming and our biblically-centered podcasts to your walk of Faith.

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