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Words of Prayer 11/18

God the Father, today I come to thank You for Your faithfulness. I place all my worries and concerns in Your hands because that is where they are safest. Thank you for Your assurance and Your peace. Father, I pray that no distractions ever attract my attention. Lord, I choose that You be first in my heart. I am grateful for Your endless love and mercy in my life. Your mercy is the reason I am saved and free. My heart finds rest in Your faithfulness and I find my hope renewed every day. May I never forget Your grace, Your mercies and Your goodness, Father. May I remember Your faithfulness, every day of my life.

God, I adore You and thank you for protecting me from things I don't even know about. You are always there, a strong refuge in times of need. Thank you Heavenly Father for hearing my prayer today.

In the name of Jesus, through your Holy Spirit I pray,


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