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Examine the Scriptures

These people were more receptive than those in Thessalonica. They were very willing to receive the message, and every day they carefully examined the Scriptures to see if those things were so.

Acts 17:11 (ISV)

One might ask why some of our churches are not growing spiritually? Why is there so much confusion among Christians? To answer this question, I would say that it is due to a lack of interest in the word of God. When we consider the comparison between the church of Thessalonica and that of Berea we see that the difference is in the willingness of the Christians of Berea to consult the Scriptures to be sure of the teaching they receive while those of Thessalonica, without consulting the Scriptures, reject Paul's preaching.

It is truly important for a Christian not to be satisfied with what he hears from the pulpit, he must devote time and energy to the study and meditation of the word. This is the only way to grow in the knowledge of God and to better understand the teachings he receives.

Like the Berean Christians, be very willing to receive the preaching of the word, but do not accept every wind of doctrine that is presented to you. Take your time to carefully examine the scriptures. In doing so, the Holy Spirit will reveal to you more than you have been taught.

May the grace and peace of God be with you all.

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