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Getting Closer to God

So let us step boldly to the throne of grace, where we can find mercy and grace to help when we need it most.

Hebrews 4:16 (VOICE)

What God asks of us is to love Him with all our heart and to walk in obedience to His word. This is something some believers find difficult to do. If God asks us to love Him, it is because He loved us first. If He asked us to obey His word, it is because He knows that this is the best way for us to know Him and to draw closer to Him. The better we know Him, the better we will love Him and the better we will learn to obey Him with fear.

Drawing closer to God will allow you to benefit greatly from His grace and mercy. It is the very center of our intimacy with Him. By sending His Son to the cross for our sins, He did His part to make this intimate relationship possible. Now it's up to you to make yours.

All you have to do is meditate day and night on His word, spend time in His presence, through prayer and fasting, and walk in the footsteps of Christ. This is where you will find His peace and help in times of need.

May the grace of God be upon you.

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Mar 02, 2023


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