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God's Compassion and Love

He has caused His wonders to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and compassionate.

Psalm 111:4 (NIV)

Who can measure the greatness of God's love and compassion for His children? However we think we can gain this understanding, it will always be beyond our imagination and intellect. Love as we know it is limited by our human emotions and feelings. As long as we are attached to someone, we give this feeling the name of Love. But as soon as something unpleasant happens, we feel resentment and hatred.

It doesn't work that way with God. It is not because you are good or because there is a connection between you and Him that He loves you. Even though your sin may separate you from God, He will never stop loving and caring for you. It is because of this love that He sacrificed His son and gave us the Holy Spirit to be with us always, protecting us, helping us, and guiding us. Do you think you would do all this for a friend who hurt you?

Whenever you feel discouraged or abandoned, as a child of God, always remember what He has done for you, think about the depth of His love and compassion for you, and how far He went to bring you exactly where you are today. Your mistakes will not take away God’s love from you. You might pay the consequences, but He will always smile with you, cry with you, and always keep His promises to you.

May the grace of God be with you all.

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