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Grace Will Surround You

The sorrows of the wicked are many, But the one who trusts in the Lord, goodness will surround him.

Psalm 32:10 (NASB)

We can consider the entire chapter as a call to turn to the Lord for care, love, and forgiveness. David exhorts believers to seek refuge in the Lord. In this verse we clearly see the contrast between what will happen to believers and what awaits unbelievers. But David does not limit himself to one person's unbelief, he emphasizes the fact that that same person is evil.

The use of the word Many here gives the idea of the seriousness of the misfortunes which await the wicked. He does not specify the type or quantity of misfortunes that will befall them, but he wants to warn them of what awaits them. Even though the verse does not say it, it is a call to repentance for unbelievers to turn to God. For while the wicked have no prospects, we who believe know that God has a plan for us.

As believers we have great assurance; God's love and grace surround us every day of our lives. This does not mean that we will not have to face struggles and difficulties, but by the grace of God we will overcome them because through his faithfulness, God will be the one who fights for us; He will always be there for you and me. The wicked may choose to reject God's grace, but those who believe and confess their sin will find joy, forgiveness, and protection through God's infinite love.

May the grace and peace of God be with you all.

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