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Importance of Disicpline

But stay away from worthless stories that are typical of old women. Rather, discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness.

1 Timothy 4:7 (NASB)

Whatever you do in life, whether professionally, physically or spiritually, it always takes some discipline to do it well, because you will never get anywhere without strict discipline tied to what you do. Just as sport demands a lot from those who practice it, the Christian life (spirituality) also demands a lot from us, Christians: a life of Discipline.

Some people may boast of their intellectual ability or their innate talent, but none of them can really claim to be born with spiritual ability. At this level, we are all equal before God. None of us can have the ability to accomplish anything spiritual without the help of the Holy Spirit, without receiving the gift of the spirit. However, to develop this gift, we need to discipline ourselves in prayer, study of the word and meditation. This is the advice Paul gave Timothy.

Paul made it clear to Timothy what he should avoid and discipline himself in, godliness. This is not advice to enlighten the mind, rather it is a command that requires immediate application. If you want to grow in the knowledge of God, develop an intimacy with Him, don't expect to see it happen in your life miraculously one day. But, start by developing in yourself a regular spiritual discipline. Spend more time in prayer, devote yourself to study and meditation on the word, ask questions, and be guided by the Holy Spirit. Then your will see the result.

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