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In Faith and In Love

Keep all the things I taught you. They were given to you in the faith and love of Jesus Christ.

2 Timothy 1:13 (NLV)

The Bible is the only source that can teach us the way of life that pleases God. No other book, no matter how moral and sensitive to social norms, can help us live as God desires. Paul's teaching to Timothy is not limited to simply obeying the word, which is the meaning of the word "Keep" used here, he goes much further by telling him to do so in the faith and the love that is in Jesus Christ.

This verse addressed to Timothy is more a command than an advice from Paul. This also applies to all of us Christians today, who must obey and apply the teaching of the Word to our life in faith and in love. Notice that Paul places more emphasis on the teaching that Timothy received from him, which means that there was a repetition of what he taught him.

In this sense, I urge you to study the word, to meditate on it and to pray that the Holy Spirit will teach you, through each verse and chapter, how to apply it in all aspects of your life. If you do this with faith and love, not only will your relationship with God grow stronger, but in His love and compassion He will also open doors for you that no one else can ever close.

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