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The Ways of God

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.

Isaiah 55:8 (NIV)

This verse reminds us how God is so different from us. How many times have we taken steps to overcome our difficulties without first involving God or conversing with Him? However, when our plan of action does not go as planned, we become angry and frustrated.

When we begin to make plans, we must pray to God to help us plan things according to His will. He sees beyond what we see and He knows what the future holds for each of us. God's ways may not always make sense to us, but we can trust that He is a good God and, therefore, everything He does is good. Remember, God's ways are higher than ours; they are always part of a larger plan. While we can only see our small piece of the puzzle, God sees the finished work.

Before we begin to make plans, we must ask Him each day to redirect our thoughts according to His thoughts. Transform our ways according to His ways. When we believe in God and allow Him to work in our favor and when our desire is to live according to His plan, we can be confident that even when circumstances arise, God is still in control. Today, let us fully surrender our hearts to God’s will and trust His plan for our future.

May the grace and the peace of God be with you all.

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